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About the Artist

(Here follows the type of pretentious claptrap I was advised to put on this site!)

I would like to tell you all about my extremely exciting life.  How I was born of English parents in a gypsy caravan in Ireland.  Brought up for a while by a Tibetan Bendictine monk in Kathmandu, who taught me Thomist philosophy.  Lived for many years in India enduring hardships and danger until I was able to return to the land of my Fathers, England. Escaping death by a hair's breadth as I passed through Russia on my way home.  (That would be a tale to tell, but I would be afraid of reprisals from the communist 'Old Guard')

  How I studied Art from many teachers from cultures as diverse as the North American Inuit to the people of Patagonia. Eventually to become a Teacher myself.  My students ranging from a million-heiress in Milan to a street fighter from Philadelphia.  My paintings, drawings etc. have hung in galleries all over the world. 

I made a fortune and lived a life of luxury but lost it all on the gaming tables of Las Vegas.

(Unfortunately, the reality is much less exciting so I won't bore you with it.  And anyway, all that lot would have worn me out!  I'd rather just pop up to the shops.  I would have liked to study Thomist philosophy though!).

Keep checking in to see my further non adventures, or What Didn't Happen to me Next!

This bit is true.

Present projects include a pen and ink and pastel drawing and designs for needlework and embroidery.  I have written and illustrated a couple of children's books but they haven't been published..........yet.

I am currently engaged in doing a set of pen and ink illustrations for something very exciting!  I'll tell you all about it when I'm allowed.  Shhhh!

 I do not accept commissions. Sorry. Too busy.

All images ©ursula cavanagh 2007


This site is dedicated for the glory of God & Our Lady  & Saint Joseph   and for my friends, Saint Philomena, Saint Therese, the Little Flower,

Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint  Michael the Archangel and more others than I can easily count                                                                                                 S.A.g

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